Saturday, 27 March 2010

Chris Huhne: Inside story of Spring Conference 2010

I generally do not intend to make a habit of linking to official party videos on here but this is one that although hosted on the Lib Dems YouTube channel is quite quirky and independent spirited and does not really fall into the "official" category. It was shot by Jonathan Wallace and presented by Lib Dem MP and Home Affairs Spokesperson Chris Huhne.

It is a whistle-stop tour of the highlights of Lib Dem Spring Conference with a focus on trying to persuade members who have perhaps not been before to give it a try. It includes interviews with MPs, MEPs and activists and has quite a spontaneous feel to it. Indeed I know it was spontaneous because at Glee Club on the Saturday night I approached Chris to have a quick chat and within 30 seconds he had me on camera interviewing about my blog! You can see my contribution around 16 minutes in.


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