Saturday, 19 March 2011

The Electoral History of the Liberal Democrats 1950 - 2010 : Part 1 The 1950's

My name is Harry Hayfield, a Liberal Democrat member from Ceredigion (the 3rd most marginal Liberal Democrat constituency) and over the next few weeks I shall be posting a series of videos looking at the electoral history of the Liberal Democrast since the 1950 general election. This week, the 1950's


Harry Hayfield said...

I do apologise Mark. I got rid of that one and replaced it with this one

I am currently now living in an area where top speeds are 130kBps (as opposed to 3MBps) and will be until the time of the locals and AV referendum. Would you like me to do something similar for the Scottish Parliament, Welsh Assembly and Local Elections?

Mark Thompson said...

Yes please. Do go ahead!


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